Montag, 19. November 2012

Afghanistan - A Mission through bullet-proof glass

There´re still two years remain before the ISAF mandate is going to end in Afghanistan. The Regional Command North (RC North) lead by german Bundeswehr is actually busy in handing over responsibility of security to afghan forces including army, police and other security personell. The germans activity of troops outside well protected military camps is very limited, causing a strengthening of insurgents in the northern afghan provinces. Areas ISAF troops controlled only a year ago are now getting lost again step by step to militant groups pulling in due to a lack of presence of ISAF. If troops like the US-Army enter this regions now they get regularly target by IED or ambushes causing them to withdrawal immediately. While foreign political leaders announcing positive outlooks on security development in Afghanistan local security forces in fact facing a bloody combat as closer a general withdrawal of forgein troops to come.

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