Montag, 30. Juli 2012

Syria | Idlib Province: Revisitation in Spring 2012

The truce demanded by the Annan Six Point Plan for Syria was just in effect for some days when those photographs were taken. Fragile as it was in many parts of Syria the northwest Idlib province was quite calm then. It was a journey through a destroyed region after government loyal troops and militias had carried out massive attacks on villages the weeks before.

While some villages were abandoned by a majority of its inhabitants who fled to Turkey, other also hard hit places were already under recontruction by house owners. The countryside presented itself as controlled by FSA rebels who still were very supported by the Sunni majority. People tried to get back to normal. No doubt the people had left their fear behind. After they´ve seen so much violence no signs of surrender has been visible so far. Knowing Assad won´t give up everyone expected the truce won´t last long as new fightings would erupt again.

All over the province people said clearly they won´t give up until president Assad will be toppled...

My Story was originally photographed for DER SPIEGEL in April 2012

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