Freitag, 16. Dezember 2011

Afghanistan feature on Est&Ost Photography

Est&Ost Photography has recently published my Afghanistan feature on their website. Specialized on eastern Europe and former Soviet Union they show some humor to explain why Afghanistan is now in the pool:

"After years of reportage from the Caucasus our photographer Timo Vogt just needed a break. Sunshine, sand, 24h full service. Logically, he booked a flight with Luftwaffe to Afghanistan and got comfortably embedded with the German army. The question was just, why should we as Eastern Europe experts feature his holiday pictures from some remote place in Asia? Timo had the answer: "Because Afghanistan used to be an integral part of the Soviet Union!" So let's just believe him and join the Bundeswehr in Kundus."

Est&Ost Afghanistan Feature here

View the complete set here:

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