Freitag, 5. März 2010

Hebron - devided Heart of Palestine

Hebron, ancient town in the south Westbank. Both, jews and muslims, claims the old town as their property. Both still living there. Both share the Ibrahimi Mosque building for worship, because jews also pray there and call it Tomb of the Patriarchs. However, Hebron is a divided town. Soldiers and policemen hinders jews and muslims to make a step into the respectively other area. checkpoints in many streets, soldiers patroling empty roads. palestinian shops were closed years ago, while sprayed stars of david flagging on the window shutters who has evacuated the heart of Hebron. A few hundred armed jewish settlers have occupied the towns center, while 200.000 palestinians must live around under the regime of israelis military law, facing tough punishments for commiting light delicts. It´s a divided town heart, abandoned, dark and hostile.

Clashes erupted in February after the israeli government announced to set the Ibrahimi Mosque/Tomb of the Patriarchs on a list of Israeli heritage sites. Seen as a further step to occupy the Westbank by Israel, palestinians protested by throwed stones to soldiers. The clashes lastet few days. Crowd dispersal weapons and rubber bullets used by IDF forces injured several protesters and people got arrested.

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