Montag, 12. Oktober 2009

Entrenched for peace?

A female armenian volunteer digs a trench at the frontline zone near devastated aseri town Agdam.

After a bloody war between armenians and aseri population about the disputed region Nagorno Karabakh a cease fire agreement was signed in 1994. However the frontline was never quite since then. Shootings between the enemies taken place regularly.

Now, after a recent signed treaty between Turkey and Armenia to start diplomatic relations (Aserbaijan is a brother state of Turkey), new political movements fueled by international pressure is seen on the armenian side to find an acceptable solution for Karabakhs status. About 1 million aseri refugees still waiting to return and Aserbaijan demands several parts of recent Karabakhs territory, which has been occupied around Karabakh region during the war by armenien forces.

But entrenching new trenches at the frontline by young volunteers, as actually seen there, doesn´t really looks like preparing an upcoming peaceful age ...

Karabakh pictures:

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